royalty free | music & sounds


1. By purchasing a music license, you, the purchaser, are granted, a non-exclusive, commercial license, valid worldwide, to make use of the purchased musical item (Asset) along the following terms and conditions.

2. You are allowed to use the Asset in a single End Product. However, the End Product must incorporate the asset in synchronization with other elements, whether audio or visual. For example, you can use it in a film, a youtube video, a video game, a podcast, or a mobile app. 

3. You can edit, modify or combine the Asset, with other audio, or visual elements, but cannot claim ownership of the modified or unmodified version as they are both subject to the terms and conditions of this same License Agreement.


4. This is a license for a single End Product. If you want to incorporate the Asset in multiple end products additional licenses will need to be purchased.

5. You can't redistribute the Asset on it's own or bundled together with other items. For instance, you can't sell, or give away the asset as part of a music pack, album or soundtrack. 

6. You can't permit the end user to isolate the Asset and use it separately from your End Product.

7. You can't claim ownership, trademarks, or any such nonsense over the Asset within your End Product.

8. You can't use the Asset for any unlawful or illegal purposes. Be nice.

9. The license will be terminated if you don't abide by this agreement.

I tried my best to make this user friendly and readable, if there are any further questions about the license agreement send me an e-mail.