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I've been working on an everyday project; I write a new piece of music from beginning to end, everyday.  I try to change it up every month in some way, either by focusing on an aesthetic, a technique or simply iterating on an idea.  I've learned an incredible amount from this process and I hope to keep this ball rolling!  The months have been divided into volumes denoted by roman numerals below.  So far, all of the artwork is the work of Mike Winkelmann (Beeple), who is one of the main sources of inspiration for my everyday project.  It is used with his permission.  He is a super awesome and inspiring dude and  you should check out his work here!



and counting...

I:Waurm Fuzzy

II: Underscore

III: Void Self

IV: Fugues

V: Landscapes

VI: Procrastination & Indecision Brought Me Here

VII: Studies in Monochrome

VIII: Wandering

IX: Colors

X: Emoji Warfare

XI: Recycled

XII: Frequency Modulation

XIII: Full CIrcle

XIV: Chip?

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