greetings robots!
took me a while to update the website, but The Ultimate Hang Mk. II is currently up on bandcamp! pretty soon it'll be on google play as well... i think. 

if you listen to the whole thing (not easy - it's long) you might notice that it follows z-1 on an epic journey from synthesized overworlds to resampled underworlds... or something. anyway, i think this track sounds particularly good and it sort of marks a change in my production process. enjoy!

Salutations friend-bots!

I'm excited to announce the release of the first in a series of singles under the title: The Ultimate Hang. This music is a bit more dance-oriented than my last release, maybe a bit less experimental, definitely a bit less DnB. Still, it comes from a warm place... yes, below my heat sink it gets pretty warm, sometimes above 50 degrees Celsius. 

Anyway, I decided to print off some 16x20 posters of the album art - five posters to be exact. I'm not printing anymore! So, that means they are limited edition! These posters are very high quality on photo-stock, not typical poster-paper.  They look pretty ultimate! So, if you want one, you'll have to say so quick!

Check it out!

Oh yeah! I'm also giving away free download codes to people who purchase the music - this way you can share with your friends! All you have to do is e-mail me or send me a message via bandcamp!

Thanks for listening and supporting robots!


What's next on the list? Mark II, random singles, lots of sound design!

Greetings robots!

I am proud to announce the release of hollow, vol. II!  Listen below!
About the album:
It was a lot of work!  I built several new synthesizers and effects while making this music. In fact, I've been fiddling with some of the pieces off and on for over six months! Many of them have undergone multiple versions, edits and mixes.

I think most will agree that volume II has a darker more intense vibe than volume I, with three out of the four main tracks leaning more towards experimental drum and bass.  There are metric modulations, a little bit of odd meters, distorted synths, and some serious audio squashing. I'm fairly certain if the loudness war were and actual war, I'd be a war criminal!

What's next? New synths, new effects, upbeat, dance-y, four to the floor action! I'm shooting to have The Ultimate Hang nearing completion near the end of the year!

Thanks for listening!



+ hollow, vol. I (special edition) out now!

Hello from robot land!

After much deliberation, synthesizing, knob twiddling, beatmaking, and algorithm-a-ning, it is time; I will be releasing the next volume in the hollow series, this Saturday, June 15th!  In lieu of this momentous occasion, I've also released hollow vol. I special edition!  The special edition features new, concise, remastered versions of hollow, vol. I's music and comes with a few extras, namely: bonus/extended mixes, liner notes, and HD wallpapers.  Please, check it out here!

Take note!  For those of you who have already purchased the album, I will be sending you full download codes to the special edition release.  So, please don't feel any need to purchase it again! As always, thank you for the love!

Check out Hollow, Vol. I - Special Edition!



been approved for earbits... got stuff running on jango.  can't figure out how to delete categories from this stupid blog.  life is good for now.  just keeping my fingers crossed for this election... oh wait :)

this music promotion shit is hard and is sucking up a lot of time that i would rather spend making music. still, there are new projects constantly in the works, including a hollow, vol. 2 (keep your ears peeled dark soulers).  next thing will be an e-mail list... with some sneak peaks for subscribers or something!


freakin' ENERGY


the day has come.  my music is up for download without my permission on a russian electronic music website.  i'm stoked!

checking in on my bandcamp "stats" page i noticed an inordinate amount of streamed plays: meaning more than 2. 

it turns out i'm on this russian website called freakENERGY.  they have a facebook page, a VK page, and - perhaps most remarkably - my music!  

i'm pretty stoked to be honest, and sent a message to the facebook page admin to let them know that anytime they want my music on their site just ask; i'll send them a copy.  it's up for free anyway!

Ever feel like no matter how many times you clean your clean dishes, they just aren't... clean?  Ever wish you could clean clean dishes without the hassle and low-costs of traditional dish soaps?  Ever volunteer at a soup kitchen and have republican politicians "show you up" by cleaning your clean dishes, but doing it better than you could've possibly imagined?  

Chances are: you're a conservative right winger who likes Paul Ryan.  

Chances are... not... that you have this stuff!

Enter Paul Ryan's new, GOP approved, dish soap for clean dishes and say goodbye to the tiresome days of washing your dishes over and over, without even the faintest glimmer of a photo-op!  That's right! you take your clean dishes and wash them again!  It's like the deja vu of doing dishes!  It's clean clean!

But wait, how does this stuff  work?

Well, not unlike the Romney Administration, the Romney Administration won't unveil exactly how Paul Ryan's formula works, but they can assure you that the product is a win-win!  But don't take their word for it, just check out these before and after pictures!  

Clean dishes
Clean clean dishes
Have clean clean dishes ever looked so clean?

How do I use it?

Let's break the process down. 
Step One: Find some clean dishes.  You might want to check your cabinets, drawers, or local soup kitchens.  Soup kitchens are especially good because, if you time it right, the dishes will be freshly cleaned.  You're going to want freshly cleaned clean dishes to clean with Paul Ryan's Dish Cleaner for Clean Dishes.

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Step Three:  Watch the magic happen!


Where do I get some?

Are you fucking kidding me?  This is a site devoted to electronic music goddamnit!  Just vote for Obama or something, and click HERE to check my stuff out.
the new ep.  most of the musical material was craftily created by my computer companions: merlin and hydra.  medusa shows up here and there,when she's in a good mood, but she's a hot-head and tends to rage about cpu usage...  all algorithms aside (alliteration again), I tried to point my programs in the right direction and let things be as organic as algorithmically generated music could possibly be.  

to the one or two people out there reading this, maybe i'll post some info on these little reaktor patches in the future.  but they are shy.

check it out here.


hollow, vol. 1


hollow, vol. 1 is up on bandcamp! 

i'll get to the whole cdbaby/itunes thing later, but for now bandcamp seems cool.  much to my chagrin, it - as is the norm - streams the audio at mp3 128, which absolutely murders the sound - especially that of the first track.  i e-mailed them saying that i can encode my own vbr mp3 with a similar file size without such terrible compression artifacts; unfortunately, bandcamp does not allow you any control over the quality of the streamed audio. for the intended experience, please download and then listen.  it's free (if you want) anyway.

also, if you want some custom visuals there are videos up on youtube.  check it.

i'd like to thank all my friends that i've sent tracks to for opinions, of course martijn zwartjes for teaching me all that i know about dsp and synthesis, and my brother for sharing in the brutally nerdy experiences that inspired this little ep.

thank you for listening!  there will be more!

made a new bass synth!  i'm going to say this guy is in it's beta phase of development, but almost version 1.0.  it's called medusa.  it's got a wide array of wild features: including a handful of powerful sound generators, filter types, and modulation sources.  here are some screenshots, you can read more about it on the projects page.